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Our Mission
The Buddy Program empowers youth through mentoring experiences to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

Our Vision
We envision a thriving community in which all members are supported and connected through meaningful relationships and experiences to achieve success. 

Our commitment
We value, celebrate, and consciously cultivate diversity as
we strive to achieve equity through the power of mentoring.

Our Values

Our Values

Values are overarching - they’re not about a single situation but act as a guide to how the Buddy Program approaches everything.

Our Staff

Meet our staff

At the heart of the Buddy Program lies an extraordinary team of compassionate and dedicated individuals, committed to making a lasting impact in our community.


Leadership and Financials


Board of Directors

Lenny “Boogie” Weinglass, Chairman

Mark Iola, President

Katie Goldsmith, Vice President

Jenny Elliot, Treasurer

Erin Becker

Wes Cole

Michael Connolly

Jenny Elliott

Bailey Everhart

James Fosnaught

Adam Goldsmith

Amanda Hirsh

Alexandra Hughes

Jennifer Mason

Becky Murray

Dana Presutti

Erika Souki

Gail Weinglass

Leadership and Development Board

Tyler Barletta

Morgan Brown

Wheeler Clancy

Bailey Everhart

Shaun Hargrave

Lane Johnson

Lauren Myatt

Olivia Nobbs

Chris Striefel

Kendall Taylor

Brenna Young



The Buddy Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, political conviction, national origin, citizenship, gender, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, military status, age, sexual orientation, income level, immigration status, and disability.

The Buddy Program actively strives to identify and eliminate discrimination by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes, so that access to programming is inclusive and power is shared equitably.


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Embracing community

Volunteerism is the heartbeat of strong communities. Whether it's mentoring youth, supporting local initiatives, or lending expertise to a cause close to your heart, YOU can be part of the impact.

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