Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

Program Facts:

  • High school students are matched with elementary and middle school students to form a mentoring relationship.
  • Buddy Pairs meet on the school grounds for one hour per week throughout the school year.
  • Typical activities include eating lunch together, playing board games, hands-on arts & crafts activities supplied by TBP, and going to a local recreation center.
  • School counselors, district officials, and others consistently praise TBP on the outcomes from these programs, as they report happier, more engaged, and better focused students.

This relationship benefits both parties immensely, as the younger student has a caring, consistent mentor and the high school students’ learn the importance of community stewardship. This popular program continues to see increasing numbers and participation every year.

If you are a high school student and you are interested in getting involved in this program, please contact your School Counselor.

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Aranza & Niah - Copy
Hudson Flynn & Isla R.

Fast Facts:

Volunteer Activity Continues in College

In a recent study of college freshman who had volunteered as Big Buddies in our Peer-to-Peer Program, 80% reported that their experience as a Big Buddy helped prepare them for college and 100% were partaking in some volunteer activity in college (40% reported volunteering in a mentoring program and 60% reported volunteering in some other program).

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