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Buddy Program and lululemon BBQ!

Thank you to everyone who came to the lululemon BBQ and Beach Volleyball event!

Lululemon BBQ Event
Wednesday, September 13th
Koch Park
Join the Buddy Program and lululemon at Koch Park for an evening of delicious BBQ, beach volleyball, and lawn games!
Plus, a special activity facilitated by lululemon for
Buddy Pairs!
Bring along a friend who is interested in learning about becoming a Big Buddy & you both will be entered in a drawing for lululemon prizes!
Please RSVP by Friday, September 8th
*Please note:  You may attend this event with a friend who is interested in the Buddy Program, even if your Little Buddy is not available to come.  

Annual Bash for the Buddies!

THANK YOU to all of the Buddies, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and guests who made The Rockstar Buddy Bash possible! Check out pictures from the event here and pictures and videos from the photobooth here


Boogie's 31st Annual Buddy Race!

Boogie’s annual Buddy Race!
July 4th, 2017

Click link below to view results:


Buddy Program Awards $25,000 in Continuing Education Scholarships!


The Buddy Program awarded 17 scholarships totaling $25,000 for higher education to well-deserving high school students from Aspen to Carbondale, CO for the 2016-2017 school year.

Our mission is to empower youth through mentoring experiences in order to achieve their full potential, and we are honored to carry out that mission. Congratulations seniors!

Pictured: Jill Gruenberg with BHS Scholarship winners!

Pictured: Liz Sinkinson with AHS Scholarship winners!

Daniels Fund and Boettcher Scholarship Awards!

Congratulations to our Peer-to-Peer Big Buddies who received FULL RIDE Daniels Fund and Boettcher Scholarships to college!

These scholarships are given to high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional character, leadership, and a commitment to serving their communities. Volunteering with the Buddy Program has played an essential role in receiving these, and we could not be more proud of them! We are ecstatic to see where their futures take them.

Click here to become a Big Buddy!

Carbondale Chamber Non-Profit of the Year!

We are beyond honored to be recognized as 2016’s Carbondale Chamber Non-Profit Business of the year! Thank you for the opportunity and the recognition!

Mentor Spotlight!

Happy 75th Birthday to one of our star Big Buddies, Arlene Nelson! Arlene and Jakaline have been paired for almost a year and they spend most Sundays together. Arlene comes up with great activities for them to do together: snowshoeing up Hunter Creek, exploring Independence pass during winter, hiking at Maroon Bells where Arlene is a forest service ambassador, gardening, and cooking dinner together. Arlene certainly sets the bar high for a mentor of any age!

Pitkin County Cares Awards

Two of our Big Buddies were honored at the Pitkin County Cares Award Ceremony on November 16th! Community Big Buddy, Anne Blackwell, and Peer-to-Peer Big Buddy, Elizabeth de Wetter recieved awards for outstanding volunteer service in our community. We are so proud of them!

de-wetters-3   anne-recieving-award-3

Pictured left to right:

Elizabeth’s parents, Regina and Robert, receive their daughter’s award on her behalf, as she is a freshman in college in Boulder.

Anne Blackwell and her Buddy, Samantha, stand together as Anne is honored.

Community Dinner Explores Impact of Marijuana on Developing Adolescent Brains

Nelson speakingAbout 25 community members joined the Buddy Program at the home of John and Jessica Fullerton on October 21st for dinner and a discussion of the potential impact of marijuana legalization on our community. Dr. Alan Nelson, Board Certified Psychiatrist who works with teens and adults in the area of addiction medicine, spoke about the science behind addiction and marijuana’s impacts.  A panel of Buddy Program Case Managers and Big Buddy’s then spoke on how specifically they address issues like this with Little Buddies, to help make sure they are positioned to make smart, healthy decisions.  Click the links below for more information.

Dr. Nelson has offices in Carbondale and Aspen, and can be reached at 970-963-1588

Marijuana’s Effects on the Brain

Adverse Health Effects of Marijuana Use

Cannabis Revisited

Volunteer needs!

Mentee Waitlist Spotlight-September 2017

Name: Tacha L.     Age: 10     Lives in: Basalt

Tacha L. is a 10 year old 4th grade student at Aspen Country Day School. Tacha lives in Basalt with her mother, but before she moved to the valley at age 9, Tacha grew up in Kenya. Tacha is a unique and energetic girl who has traveled extensively, speaks 3 different languages, enjoys horseback riding, snowboarding, and soccer, plays violin and guitar, and enjoys drawing and pottery. Tacha is waiting for the right Mentor who can keep up with her vast sense of adventure and curiosity!


Contact Recruitment Manager, Laura Seay, for more information on becoming a Big Buddy! [email protected]


Mentee Waitlist Spotlight-August 2017

Name: Lilly W.    Age: 8     Lives in: Carbondale
Lilly loves swimming, riding her bike, playing four square and kickball, making things out of clay, being read to, baking brownies, and animals. She also enjoys shopping at thrift stores, playing with makeup and going to the movies. Lilly is in-need of and yearning for a wonderful Big Buddy, just like her big sister’s. She would greatly benefit from a kind, motivated, consistent female Big Buddy in her life!


Contact Recruitment Manager, Laura Seay, for more information on becoming a Big Buddy[email protected]

Mentee Waitlist Spotlight-June 2017

Name: Sergey P.     Age: 10     Lives in: Aspen
Sergey moved to the valley from Kazakhstan a little over a year ago and will be in 5th grade at Aspen Middle School next fall. Sergey is kind, smart, open-hearted, creative, and athletic. He is passionate about Tae Kwon Do, and also enjoys skateboarding, biking, basketball, ice skating, swimming, the climbing wall, and going to the ARC with friends. Sergey would like to be an actor when he grows up and if he could meet any famous person, it would be Bruce Lee!
Contact Recruitment Manager, Laura Seay, for more information on becoming a Big Buddy! [email protected]

Mentee Waitlist Spotlight-May 2017

Name: Sonia M.    Age: 10    Lives in: Carbondale
Sonia is 10 years old and attends Carbondale Community School. She is outgoing, loves the outdoors, snowboarding, bowling, ice skating, painting, and animals. Sonia is a mini cheerleader at Roaring Fork High School and her favorite color is pink. She’d like her Buddy to be funny, noisy, and good at math (because she is not!). Sonia would feel “thankful for her Big Buddy and would appreciate the opportunity!”
Contact Laura Seay for more information on becoming a Big Buddy! [email protected]

Mentee Waitlist Spotlight- April 2017

Name: Evan W.     Age: 10     Lives in: Aspen
Evan is a 10 year old, 4th grade student at Aspen Elementary School who is waiting for the right Big Buddy. Evan is friendly, extroverted, active, theatrical, and very funny. Evan has 11 year old twin sisters, a close family, and lots of friends, but he would love a mentor that he can play sports with including soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball, tennis, golf, hiking, bowling, and skiing. When he’s keeping you busy with all those activities or making you laugh with his sense of humor and acting skills, Evan enjoys going to plays, listening to and playing music, movies, and watching science fiction shows such as Dr. Who!
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Mentee Waitlist Spotlight- March 2017

Name: Nayeli N.     Age: 14     Lives in: El Jebel
Nayeli is an 8th grader at Basalt Middle School. She is a smart, sweet, compassionate, and very articulate girl. In her free time she enjoys riding her bike, baking, listening to music, going to the pool, arts & crafts, and being outdoors. Education is important to Nayeli; she feels happy when she gets her homework done. Her dream is to go to college and become a nurse or doctor. She is looking forward to having a Big Buddy “who understands me, who has hope, and also someone I can trust during difficult moments”.
click here to become a Big Buddy!

Mentee Waitlist Spotlight- October 2016

Name: Tyler S.   Lives in: Aspen   Age:11

Tyler enjoys football, soccer and being outdoors.


The one thing he would love to do with his Big Buddy is to go to the Glenwood Springs Caverns, as he’s trying to conquer his fear of heights. He is full of energy and his smile will make you melt!

click here to become a Big Buddy!


Mentee Waitlist Spotlight - Sept 2016

Name: Rosa L.

Age: 13unnamed

Lives in: El Jebel

Rosa is an 8th grader and will soon be going to high school. She would really benefit from a Big Buddy who can support and encourage her through her teenage years. She loves playing basketball and ping pong, arts and crafts, swimming, and going for walks to the park!.
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Mentee Waitlist Spotlight - Summer 2016

Name: Ariel R.   Age: 11 this summer!   Lives in: Carbondale
Favorite actAriel Ruiz IIivities: Ariel is very active and loves sports and the outdoors. He has been involved with the AVSC, taking snowboard lessons. He also likes riding bikes, playing football, soccer and basketball, swimming, music and dancing!

What Ariel would gain from having a mentor: Ariel is REALLY excited about getting a Big Buddy to explore and be active with. He would benefit from having a Big Buddy who can help him experience many different types of activities in the valley!

Ariel was recently matched with a Big Buddy! Click here to see!

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