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So many ways to give

Supporting the Buddy Program doesn't always have to mean monetary donations.

Explore the many ways you can make a meaningful contribution that goes beyond financial support, we invite you to discover giving opportunities and inspiring ideas for actively supporting youth in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Get in touch with us to explore how you can contribute. 

Soft Sprinkle Cookies

Consider sharing your culinary love by donating food for a Buddy Program event.

 For all the home chefs, culinary wizards, and food lovers out there, here's a delicious way to support our cause! 

Your culinary creations can add a pinch of happiness to our mission!

Give the gift of time, consider becoming a Big Buddy mentor.

 As we approach the season of giving, consider donating your TIME as a Big Buddy. It is one of the most meaningful ways to make an impact in the life of a youth.


Being a positive influence in someone's life is a remarkable experience


Consider donating activities or experiences to share with our Buddy Program participants

You can create unforgettable moments for youth.  Whether it's a yoga class, a guided hike, an art workshop, or any other exciting adventure, your contribution can make a difference. 

Consider donating
your gently used outdoor gear to the LEAD Program (Leadership through Exploration, Action, and Discovery) 

We need everything from cozy down coats to trusty headlamps, and fleece pants to sturdy snow pants.  Your donation will help our LEAD Program participants stay warm, dry, and safe during their outdoor adventures.

LEAD_RHS_Fall_Trip (150 of 152).jpg
Shopping Bags

Consider donating
an item or an experience to our Online Auction

Consider donating activities, experiences, or items to our Buddy Program Online Auction. All proceeds go towards strengthening our four mentoring programs.

Become an event volunteer!

Your time and energy are always welcome! Whether it's at the Bash for the Buddies, Boogie's Buddy Race, or one of our community events, we always need extra hands and smiling faces.


2023_Boogies_BuddyRace (147 of 147).jpg
5Oth Anniversary Picnic_2023 (53 of 103).jpg

Spread the word!

You can make a tremendous impact by simply spreading the word about the Buddy Program

and its impactful work.


Share our mission with your friends and family, and encourage them to learn about our youth mentoring programs. Additionally, follow us on social media, like, share, and retweet our posts to reach a wider audience.

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