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I wanted to share a few thoughts with you all regarding the importance of serving and assisting our youth in Carbondale.  In my multiple roles as a public servant, volunteer, youth coach, and most important as a parent, I’ve experienced first hand the multitude of benefits that come from volunteering your time to our youth.

During my childhood I faced tremendous obstacles that I was able to navigate, in a large part, to the mentors and coaches that took the time to invest in my well being.  Those compassionate and generous adults assisted me with obtaining skills that aided me during that very difficult time and allowed me to progress in a positive way on my life path.  Because of the example set by my mentors and coaches when it came time for me to lend a hand and volunteer it was a no-brainer.  Little did I know that when I started out as a volunteer coach in college that almost 20 years later I would still be doing what I could to lend my time and skills to our youth.

To come full circle to understand that the more time I give the more rewarding it has become has been an added gift. The personal growth I have experienced as a mentor and coach has made me a better parent and has enhanced my life.  There will always be a need for compassionate adults to help shepherd and mentor the next generation.  Our youth are our most valuable asset as a community and the more engaged we can become to aid them for their future endeavors the better off all of us will be.  Thank you all for attending the Buddy Program’s Open House.  I hope you all will give serious consideration to donating your valuable time for the betterment of our youth.  I guarantee your impact will be felt beyond your little buddy. You may find as I have that the gift of your time is small in relation to the benefits these youth will bring to your life.

Carbondale has a proud history of being a connected compassionate community, please help the Buddy Program and other youth service organizations work to ensure our future continues to reflect those wonderful qualities.


Stacey Bernot
Mayor, Town of Carbondale

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