Two Cool Cats

Carrie with Jared and Edgar

Eager to be a ‘grown up’ and not to be seen as a child needing an adult to look over him, Edgar was originally reluctant to have a Big Buddy.  Edgar’s Case Manager, Sarah, had her work cut out for her. Edgar is a middle child of three to a single mom and an absent father. However, Sarah was able to find a mentor whom Edgar was certain to admire.  Edgar was 13 years old when he and Jared, his Big Buddy, were first paired as mentor and mentee.

Jared is the owner of an art gallery located in downtown Aspen.  He is 34 years old and has an air of professionalism, style, and youthfulness that immediately appealed to Edgar.  Early in their relationship, Edgar and Jared settled into a routine of seeing one another after school on Wednesdays. School ends early that day, leaving students like Edgar prone to have a bit too much unstructured and unsupervised time.

Edgar and Jared’s time together is based on real-life activities. Jared recently opened his first small business.  Edgar was nearby and learned about entrepreneurial skills as he watched and helped Jared with his new business endeavor.  Often times Edgar assists Jared with swapping shows in the gallery, managing fragile and expensive works of art and planning the lay-outs of new shows.  These rich experiences have offered a medium for deep conversation between the two as they work side-by-side. Edgar is learning the scrupulous attention to detail that is mandatory when presenting and selling artwork through this hands-on experience in the gallery.  Additionally, they thrive off of their quality time snowboarding together on the weekends. Jared often jokes that he fears for his safety when he’s trying to keep up with Edgar in the terrain parks at Buttermilk Mountain.

They have discussed goals for the near and more distant future.  Edgar’s grades in school are exceptional, in large part because of the conversations Jared and Edgar have about school and the importance of excelling and the way in which Jared role-models hard work.  Edgar and Jared have discussed potential careers for Edgar and together they have looked at colleges and careers in the field of science, one of Edgar’s areas of interest.  According to Jared, they can talk about anything at all, from grades to relationships with friends, girls, and siblings, and of course always the fun stuff.  Their bond has certainly grown over the years. Last year when Edgar received an X-Box for Christmas, the first thing he wanted to do was to bring it to Jared’s house to play together.   

Because of the ties to the community that Edgar has formed by having Big Buddy, his future is undoubtedly full of possibility.

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