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IMG_6107In America,  pop culture rules. Pop stars, reality TV personalities and movie stars are ubiquitous. They are adored, idolized and emulated. Their faces (and other body parts!) plaster magazine covers. This Halloween, princess costumes were aplenty, but the “Twerking VMA Pop Star” costume for teen girls sold out online weeks beforehand.

But on Oct 23rd, the paparazzi (aka me) captured some REAL STARS walking the Red Carpet right here in Aspen!  Down Caribou Alley, the Pairs strutted, arm in arm, each striking a pose. The taller ones… TRUE heroes of our community.  The shorter ones… the HEART of our community. Big Buddies and Littles Buddies coming together to celebrate their relationships at our annual Buddy Celebration Dinner.

That night, they ate, they danced,  their smiles shone brighter than 15 carat diamonds. They are true inspiration. And that night they reminded us yet again why we do what we do every day here at the Buddy Program.

So if you want to spot a STAR in Aspen, you don’t have to look too hard. Just keep an eye out for one of the 100+ remarkable Big Buddies who demonstrate daily that there is more important stuff than twerking happening in America.   






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