What is Mentoring?

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is defined as a “wise and trusted confidant” or an “influential supporter.” Mentoring is a one-to-one or group relationship that helps a child reach their full potential. Most people can recall a person, in addition to their parents, who had a meaningful and positive impact on them – someone who was their mentor. Mentoring is a powerful way for young people to develop competence and character and plays an important role in a child’s life.

In our organization, our volunteer mentors are called “Big Buddies.”


A Big Buddy is…

  • A Friend
  • A Positive Role Model
  • A Confidant
  • Respectful of Parents
  • A Nurturer of Possibilities

What are Developmental Assets?

How to use them in a Buddy Relationship
Developmental Assets are healthy building blocks that makes youth successful. This is how you can use them in your Buddy relationship:

  • Support: Let your Little Buddy know when you catch him doing something impressive.
  • Empowerment: Encourage your Little Buddy to take the initiative to plan half the outings.
  • Boundaries and Expectations: Encourage your Little Buddy to follow the rules and expectations set at school and home.
  • Constructive use of time: Encourage your Little Buddy to take activities he/she has always done to the next level.
  • Commitment to learning: Expose your mentee to other worlds through the importance of learning.
  • Social Competencies: Help your Little Buddy learn how to plan ahead and make positive decisions. Talk to your Little Buddy about how to build and maintain friendships.
  • Positive Values: Encourage your Little Buddy to value helping other people, telling the truth and taking personal responsibility.
  • Positive Identity: See your Little Buddy as a whole person and help your Little Buddy find his/her sense of purpose in life.
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