Community Mentoring

The Buddy Program’s Community Program is our traditional and longest running Mentoring program!

Lane Johnson & Jesus M.

Program Facts:

  • Buddy Pairs meet three to four times a month to spend one-on-one time together.
  • Through mandatory screening, training, and regular case management, TBP stresses to Big Buddies the importance of consistency in building and maintaining a mentoring relationship.
  • This program is available to youth and adults living in the geographical area of Aspen to Carbondale, Colorado.

Do What You Like:

Buddy Pairs spend their time doing something they both enjoy on their own or engage in a variety of free Buddy Activities that are organized by Buddy Program staff, including:

  • Buddy Ski Day
  • Movie Night
  • Cooking classes
  • Bowling party
  • Other great activities!

Find out more about becoming a Big Buddy!

Dana and Judith

Why have some of our current Big Buddies volunteered?

“I want to help out my Carbondale community more. I know that education is the key for today’s young people and I want to inspire them”  Big Buddy in the Mid-Valley area.

“I think that children need as many positive role models in their lives as possible. I know I can serve that purpose with only an hour a week!” – Big Buddy Up-Valley area.

Sky and Ben hiking 1

Fast Facts:

The Buddy Program offers over 20 free activities and special opportunities per year for Buddy Pairs in the Community Program to engage in educational, environmental, creative and outreach aspects of the community.

The Buddy Program also has arrangements with local businesses that provide discounted products and services to our Community Program Buddy Pairs when they are together.

Little Buddies have opportunities twice a year for Empowerment Scholarships which is $100 awarded to an activity of their choosing.

The Buddy Program’s Community Pairs stay together an average of 4.5 years, while the national average is 2.

Our matching process guarantees you and your Little Buddy will have a LOT in common. 

You have the ability to “mentor ONE child, and change TWO lives” and we are here to help!

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