Comprehensive Services

“More Than Mentoring:” The Buddy Program’s Inclusive Approach

When a child is referred to the Buddy Program, we assess his or her needs and the requests of the family. Our goal and mission is to help each of our youth participants thrive and fulfill his or her potential. While some youth require the guidance and extra support of a Big Buddy to succeed, others are well-suited for our Experiential Programs and/or our additional services which may include:

Professional Case Management

Using an inclusive approach to working with youth, Buddy Program professional Case Managers connect with the Little Buddies, their families, Big Buddies, school guidance counselors and teachers, and other individuals to gain a full and balanced assessment of how the Little Buddies and their families are doing.  As issues are identified, the Case Managers work with the various parties to ensure a healthy environment and relationships to ensure that the youth can flourish.  Where necessary, the Case Managers refer the Little Buddies and their families to the critical services they need for the youth to be healthy, active, and engaged.

Therapeutic Counseling

When required, the Buddy Program will arrange and pay for professional counseling for Little Buddies and their families.  The Buddy Program is the only non-profit in the area that in addition to one-on-one and group mentoring programs refers youth to outside therapists and pays for the counseling.

Empowerment Scholarships

The Buddy Program distributes scholarships to Little Buddies, Experiential Group Mentoring Program youth and wait-listed youth to participate in enriching extra-curricular activities that they would otherwise not be able to afford,  like school field trips, club activities or AVSC.

Continuing Education Scholarships

The Buddy Program offers scholarships for continuing education to Little Buddies who stay with their Big Buddy through their senior year, youth enrolled in the Experiential Group Mentoring Programs throughout high school, as well as high school seniors who have volunteered as Big Buddies in the Peer-to-Peer Program for at least two years and who plan to attend college

 Buddy Activities

The Buddy Program organizes and provides free of charge over a dozen activities each year for Buddy Pairs to participate in, including fly fishing, bowling, trips to Glenwood Caverns, movie night, canvas painting, etc.

Discount Program

The Buddy Program has arrangements with over 40 local businesses that provide discounted products and services to Buddy Pairs when they are together.

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