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At the Buddy Program, our mission is to empower youth through mentoring

experiences to achieve their full potential.


We envision a thriving community in which all members are supported and

connected through meaningful relationships and experiences to achieve success. 

Our commitment

We value, celebrate, and consciously cultivate diversity as we strive to achieve equity

through the power of mentoring.

Our values


Values are overarching - they’re not about a single situation but act as a guide to how the Buddy Program approaches everything. KINDNESS We approach all people with benevolence and a gracious spirit. We believe that generosity, respect, and consideration are foundational for building relationships that thrive. We commit to heart-centered communication that prioritizes compassion and tenderness. We do this by welcoming others in a space of non-judgment where we initiate connection, active listening, and meaningful support. INCLUSION We intentionally and conscientiously work to invite and welcome diverse individuals and groups into the community. We believe it is our role to create space at the table for those who historically have not been a part of our work. We commit to proactively expanding our reach by breaking down barriers that previously contributed to voids in the diversity of our stakeholders. We do this by continuously challenging our assumptions, investing in authentic relationship-building with underrepresented people, and adopting a sense of humility as we work to provide greater access to our community and our programs. CONNECTION We bring people together to expand potential and engage with the community in ways that deepen a collective sense of belonging. We believe that genuine contact with one another makes us more rooted and valued as individuals and a collective. We commit to fostering a sense of belonging for all people by offering opportunities to forge positive bonds with one another and local institutions. We do this through programming and events that bring people together and by conscientiously guiding individuals to community resources that will enrich their lives. EMPOWERMENT We facilitate the expression of our staff, youth participants, volunteers, partners, and supporters’ limitless potential. We believe that all people are endowed with self-determination. We commit to seeing unbound capacity, genius, and talent in every individual. We do this by nurturing and honoring people’s individuality and innate ability to expand themselves through mentorship and thoughtful human connection. DISCOVERY We embrace the illuminating power of the unknown. We believe that a single imaginative spark can transform a life. We commit to a culture of growth, curiosity, and exploration of self, one another, and the world around us. We do this by embracing experiences and relationships that generate joy, revelation, challenge, and opportunity.

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Our commitment to social justice, diversity, and inclusion

At the Buddy Program, our mission is to empower youth through mentoring experiences to achieve their full potential. We envision a thriving community in which all members are supported and connected through meaningful relationships and experiences to achieve success. We recognize that many members of our community, especially those that identify as black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), may not have equitable access to employment, a living wage, housing, healthcare, education, and may experience discrepancies within the criminal justice system. These barriers and disparate conditions result in a lack of equity that serves as an impediment to many youth achieving their full potential.  Social justice extends beyond attitudes and into actions that we take to promote a safe, accessible, and honoring space for all individuals to thrive. We recognize our responsibility to, and leadership within, our community through the following commitments: Consciously cultivating an inclusive and welcoming climate and organizational culture among staff, board members, volunteers, participants and donors that embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions for all people Creating and maintaining programming free from discrimination  Continued, sustainable growth and allocation of resources as an organization that addresses the complexities and needs of the diverse communities we serve Movement beyond tolerance and toward active inclusion, affirmation, and the celebration of our differences Ongoing self-examination of our attitudes, formal and informal policies and practices, assumptions and judgments, and assessment of our privilege with the end goal of acting in alliance with BIPOC and other community members experiencing unjust discrimination 


Our Staff


Lindsay Lofaro

Executive Director


Brooke Bockelman

Assistant Director


Ali Welch

Development Director

The Program Team


John Brasier

LEAD Director


Ainhoa Bujan

Mentoring Program Director


Mindi Cabe

Grants and Data Manager


Sylvia Castorena

Mentoring Program Coordinator


Stacy Grimm

Mentor Support & Activities Manager


Blanca Lara

Mentoring Program Coordinator


Katie Garcia Martinez

Mentoring Program Coordinator


Nathan Perrault

LEAD Program Coordinator




LEAD Program Coordinator


Andrea Ring

Recruitment & Mentoring Program Coordinator

Development and Marketing


Jennifer Balmes

Marketing and Communications Manager


Molly O'Leary

Events Manager


Trish Shepard

Business and Events Manager


Laura Seay

Community Relations Manager


Andrew Zakerski

Development Coordinator

Board of Directors
Leadership and Development


Lenny “Boogie” Weinglass, Chairman of the Board

Mark Iola, President

Michael Connolly, Treasurer

Lindsay Lofaro, ​Executive Director

Erin Becker

Morgan Brown

Wes Cole

Jenny Elliot

James Fosnaught 

Adam Goldsmith

Katie Goldsmith

Amanda Hirsh

Alexandra Hughes

Jennifer Mason

Becky Murray

Dana Presutti

Erika Souki

Hannah Mann

Gail Weinglass


Tyler Barletta

Morgan Brown

Wheeler Clancy

Bailey Everhart

Shaun Hargrave

Lane Johnson

Lauren Myatt

Olivia Nobbs

Chris Striefel

Kendall Taylor

Brenna Young


Financials and Annual Report


The Buddy Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, political conviction, national origin, citizenship, gender, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, military status, age, sexual orientation, income level, immigration status, and disability.

The Buddy Program actively strives to identify and eliminate discrimination by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes, so that access to programming is inclusive and power is shared equitably.

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