Buddy Pair Activities




Buddy Art Project

“Words Are Energy” 



Anderson Ranch Arts Center

5263 Owl Creek Rd. Snowmass Village

Join the Buddy Program in creating a one of a kind piece of art that will be showcased and auctioned at the BASH, our major fundraiser of the year.  Have fun being part of this special project facilitated by artist Janet Roberts.

Dinner included at the Ranch.

Space is limited.

Please RSVP

Gingerbread House Kits
Did you miss our Gingerbread House Events?
We have a couple Gingerbread House Kits available.
RSVP to reserve one to decorate with your Buddy!
First come, firstserved. 
Buddy Dinner Deal
343 Main St.  Carbondale
Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Phat Thai owners and management, Buddy Pairs are invited to dine together there FREE once per year.  Please note that reservations are limited and that Fridays are not available any week.
To request a reservation:
1. Click the RSVP link below and await personal confirmation that your requested date is available. 
2. Once you have received confirmation from Stacy, call Phat Thai to make your reservation noting that you are with the Buddy Program.  Reservations MUST be made at least 1 day in advance.
3. Pick up your dining certificate from the Buddy Program Carbondale office.  You will need to present this certificate at the restaurant.
Please note the following:
  • Buddies will be given a $50 allowance for dinner (including tax). 
  • We ask that you tip your server.  We have prepared a fun worksheet for Buddies to complete while they dine which teaches how to figure out the appropriate tip. T
  • his is a wonderful opportunity not only to enjoy some wonderful ethnic food together, but also to model important life skills regarding dining. Along those lines, please encourage your Buddy to write a thank you note to the restaurant afterwards
  • So that we may preserve this valuable partnership and continue to offer this amazing perk to our Buddy Pairs, please do adhere to the restaurant’s guidelines noted above.
Want a great website which has up-to-date listings of local events, restaurants, activities suitable for kids??
Very SPECIAL offers everyday
just for Buddy Pairs:
Don’t forget about all of the discounts offered only to Buddy Pairs!  Click below to view our discount list.
***Remember*** all listed activities are free of charge! Please respond PROMPTLY for these activities –space is limited.
Please keep in mind our policy of NEW Buddy Pairs attending 3 activities during their 1st year and at least 1 activity during subsequent years.
If necessary, please call to cancel so we can accommodate those on the wait list.
The Buddy Program Inc.’s cancellation policy for all Community Buddy Program sponsored activities is as follows: Buddy Pairs will give 48 hours notice of cancellation.  Failing to cancel or canceling less than 48 hours before
the scheduled activity may result in revoking privileges to attend
sponsored activities in the future and will be given further assessment.
To view pictures of past Buddy Pair Activities:
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