Buddy Program Board of Directors

Lenny “Boogie” Weinglass, Chairman of the Board

Mark Iola, President

Michael Connolly, Treasurer

Erin Becker

Morgan Brown

Norma Canchola

Jenny Elliot

Molly Gilmore

Michelle Goldberg

Adam Goldsmith

Katie Goldsmith

Amanda Hirsh

Alexandra Hughes

Alex Kendrick

Lucy Moncada

Becky Murray

Dana Presutti

Erika Souki

Hannah Thompson

Gina Turchin

Gail Weinglass

Skye Weinglass

Executive Director – Lindsay Lofaro


Buddy Program Advisory Board 

The Advisory Board is comprised of our leadership group of supporters whose generous support demonstrates that you care deeply about our community, the families who are a part of it, and the Buddy Program’s mission to empower youth through mentoring experiences to achieve their full potential.

Erin and Doug Becker

Magge Morrison and Charles Bellock

Andrew Cader

Katie and Adam Goldsmith

Marcy and Art Falcone

Jessica and John Fullerton

Linda Vitti Herbst and Clancy Joe Herbst

Charlie Hopton

Jennifer and Joe Mason

Mona Look-Mazza and Tony Mazza

Rebecca and Michael Murray

Amy Elias and Richard Pearlstone

Amy and John Phelan

Lynda and Stewart Resnick

Karen and Nathan Sandler

Lorraine and Mark Schapiro

Angie and Gary Stewart

Gail and Lenny “Boogie” Weinglass


Leadership Development Board:

Tyler Barletta

Megan Bentzin

Wheeler Clancy

Bailey Everhart

Morgan Henschke

Alexandra Hughes

Lane Johnson

Kathryn Sansone

Chris Striefel


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