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On the backpacking trip, I challenge myself to not stop and keep on hiking, and I did it, I didn’t stop! I was happy to go backpacking I wanted to go away from everything for a while, and when I was hiking I was thinking in a lot of things, one of them was “Don’t turn around just keep on hiking” and I did I keep on going.  I learn about myself that I am a strong person, I just have to work hard for what I want.  I just have to keep on going and not give up, because we don’t know how close we are from our goals.

This backpacking trip helped me to appreciate everything I have.  To not have a lot of things that we usually use it is hard, but it actually makes you think about everything you have.  They are a lot of people that live on the streets with the cold and not eating, we have blankets and a camping tant but still was cold and to think that they are people that they don’t even have those things breaks my heart.  That’s why we have to be thankful for everything we have.

I also learned to help others and to work as a team, if we work together everything is more easy.  I was surprise of all the hard work that my classmates and I did we all work together and take care of each other.  I think all of us are learning a lot in this class, I can’t wait to have more experiences and make more memories!

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